Is Direct-Indexing right for you?

There’s a lot that’s glossed over in all the splashy marketing. We’ve read the fine print and run thousands of simulations testing the efficacy of loss harvesting.

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Tax efficient Portfolio Transition analysis

  • Do you have a concentrated portfolio that you would like to transition over to a diversified one in the most tax efficient manner?
  • Do you have hundreds of equity positions with such a low cost basis that even a simple rebalancing incurs capital gains  ?
  • Would you like transition over to a simplified ETF portfolio?
  • No options, derivatives or expensive structured products needed.


Stress testing tax - aware investment strategies

  • Unbiased, independent evaluation of your current strategy
  • Comparisons of your strategy to competitors’ strategies
  • Evaluation of potential strategy enhancements/improvements
  • Recommendations on strategy enhancements/improvements
  • Stress testing of your strategy – in what situations will it produce undesirable results?

Evaluating After-Tax Performance & Tax - Alpha Calculations

  • Includes taxes on capital gains and losses, qualified and unqualified dividends, and interest income and expenses
  • Incorporates external capital gains assumptions
  • Nets short-term and long-term gains and losses from internal and external sources
  • Applies the $3,000 capital loss limitation and loss carryovers
  • Calculates pre-liquidation and post-liquidation after-tax performance
  • Uses shadow benchmarks to calculate the after-tax benchmark performance needed to derive Tax-Alpha

AlphaWorks was formed in 2021 by Luke Smith and Mayukh Mukherjee to provide quantitative equity portfolio management and research services to clients in the investment management industry. Luke and Mayukh previously worked at a boutique hedge fund where they managed an award winning, tax-aware systematic equity market neutral hedge fund strategy. Alphaworks’ primary service offering helps financial advisors and direct-index managers quantify ‘tax-alpha’ using shadow benchmarking.

Mayukh Mukherjee, CFA

Mayukh served as Alloy’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role he ran Operations, Compliance and managed Investor Relations for the firm. Mayukh has a quantitative and technical background. He conducts quantitative research and statistical modeling using machine learning techniques and evaluates the effectiveness of alternative data sets.

Luke Smith, CFA

Following eleven years as a software engineer and consultant at IBM, Luke joined Putnam Investments as a quantitative developer and researcher. He then became a portfolio manager at London-based Gartmore Investment Management and has been designing, developing, and managing systematic equity strategies ever since.

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